Why Applied Mathematics?

I read an essay called “A Mathematician’s Apology” by G.H. Hardy. I was an undergrad in pure mathematics, minoring in English literature; it was suggested to me by a professor who probably thought I was a hopeless excuse for a math student but who himself enjoyed reading.

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That robot chick from Metropolis that inspired C3PO

Why Artificial Intelligence scares us

The Terminator. Blade Runner. The Matrix. 2001: A Space Odessy. With the exception of Bicentennial Man, AI hardly ever saves the day on the big screen. I wouldn’t say War Games was a turning point for AI as one of Hollywood’s favorite boogeymen, but since then, Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up like a time-traveling, indestructible robot has pretty much served as every sensationalist news journalist’s favorite image of when AI’s turn into rebellious teenagers and actually go through with emancipating themselves.

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Not your every day A squared plus B squared: Euler’s Theorem

This is the first post in a series of pieces on the sweetest formulae you’ve never heard of. These will be a selection of my favorite theorems and their simplified proofs; particularly those that make your head tilt because, honestly, we never learned any of those as kids. Also because I have a ton of other articles which I feel aren’t researched enough and I keep telling myself I’ll finish them. But really because this is pretty cool and it’ll make you more worldy. See? I did you a favor. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

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